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authors, From daughter’s point of view

Where do I start? 18 years ago, my mother and I only dreamed of writing a
novel, let alone getting it published. Our dreams of becoming mother/daughter
published authors was just something we fantasized about. Now we’ve both
published not only our debut novels, but their sequels as well.
back over the last 18 years, I realize how much hard work went into our first
books: Make Old Bones for my mother
and Carbon Copy for me. The hardest
part for me was starting. I thought about it for 8 years before I finally
started writing. The next hardest part for me was finishing. I spent 5 years
writing Carbon Copy. My mother was the reason I started and finished it. I
always tried to have a chapter for her to read whenever we planned a visit.
Then the next hardest part about the writing process was the waiting. Although
I was blessed to find a publisher within six months of finishing Carbon Copy, it was another 2 and half
years in editing before it was finally released in June 2012.
that we both have the same awesome publisher, Wild Child Publishing, the
writing and editing are much easier for the both of us. I’ve recently finished
writing my fifth book, Silver Lining,
the epic conclusion to the Carbon Copy
trilogy, while my mother is almost finished writing the fourth book in her bone
series – The Bonnie, Bonnie Bone. My
mother and I are case in point that hard work, patience, and determination, can
make your dreams come true. We couldn’t have done it without each other’s
constant encouragement all of these years.
now that we’ve had our dream of being mother/ daughter published authors come
true, what’s our next dream? I still dream big. I’m looking forward to having
both of our books out in print so that we can do book signings together. And
although I loathe public speaking, I can’t wait to do a mother/daughter
presentation at a writer’s conference. Thank goodness my mother is an award
winning Toastmaster. I’ll just smile, nod, and show cleavage. We’re
brainstorming a co-authored book which is a prequel to Carbon Copy and Make Old Bones.
The characters in our books are related. My heroine, Lilly, is the niece of my
mother’s heroine, Clarice. The title will contain both a “bone” and an “element”.

biggest dream of all is to have one of my books get made into a movie. My
mother and I promised to be each other’s “plus one” if either of our book
movies get nominated for an academy award for best adapted screenplay. And yes,
I’ve mentally started writing my acceptance speech. Who knows what the future
holds for our books, but the best part of all is that I’m enjoying this
wonderful journey with my mother. I love you, Mom! 
Terri Talley Venters,
Author of Carbon
Copy, Tin Roof, Body Of Gold, Copper Cauldron, and Silver Lining
Terri received
her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Master’s degree in Taxation from the
University of Florida. She is a licensed CPA and a Second Degree Black Belt in
Taekwondo. She lives in St. Augustine, Florida, with her husband, Garrison, and
their two sons.
Terri has two
other published works available from Wild Child Publishing. Carbon Copy and its sequel, Tin Roof, plus her unrelated novella, Copper Cauldron. She recently finished
writing Silver Lining, the epic
conclusion to the Carbon Copy
trilogy, coming soon from Wild Child Publishing. Her romantic/suspense novel, Body Of Gold, is coming soon from
Freya’s Bower. Terri also posts free short stories on her website each month. www.ElementsOfMystery.com. Follow her as she weaves her way
through the Periodic Table of Elements.
Terri is the
daughter of Leslie S. Talley, author of Make
Old Bones and Bred In The Bone
which are also available from Wild Child
For the purchase links and more info
about Terri’s books, visit her website.
daughter Terri’s interest in writing was sparked by a writers’ conference we
attended in Melbourne, Florida, when she was in high school. Years elapsed
during which time she mulled over an idea for a series which became Elements of

I had published travel pieces and a few short stories, but the publication of
my mystery novel, Make Old Bones, eluded
me. It had won first place in the mystery/suspense category at the Space Coast
Writer’s Guild in 2000. Finally in 2008 Terri and I attended a conference
sponsored by the North Florida Writers’ Association at Ponte Vedra Beach,
Florida. Make Old Bones once again
won first place in the Lighthouse Book Awards for mystery/suspense. Terri was
so proud, she cried! That spurred me on; that spurred her on. She finished
writing her mystery novel, Carbon Copy.
She hoped to ride in on my coattails. The opposite happened.
submitted to Wild Child Publishing, an electronic publisher; I had never
thought of doing that. When her book was accepted, I submitted also and was
accepted. Since then we have critiqued each other’s work. She is my biggest
fan! We feed off each other. My main characters, Otis and Clarice Campion, became
her main character, Lilly Allen’s, Uncle Otis and Aunt Clarice. When we are
together and we hear an interesting turn of phrase, we both screech, “I call
way I may have unconsciously influenced her is by setting, or a sense of place.
According to my professor, Dr. Richard Adicks from Literature of the South at
the University of Central Florida, there are six prominent features in Southern
writing: a sense of history or of the past; a sense of religion or original
sin; a sense of the grotesque; a sense of place; a sense of family or
genealogy; and agrarian, or rural.
write from a sense of place. Set your novel in a unique setting, and all manner
of ideas pop up. Terri imbibed this from somewhere. Her first novel is set in
New York and the Florida Keys, the sequel in Charleston. Her upcoming takes
place in Scotland. My first takes place in Daytona Beach, the second in St.
Augustine, the third in Ireland, and my work-in-progress in Scotland. We both
have hurricanes and castles figuring prominently.
though we are much alike we have differences. My degrees are in English with
some nursing thrown in. Hers are in Accounting and Taxation. She comes up with
better plots. And while my mysteries are Cozies, hers are more modern.
the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, to be trite! Great minds, and all
of Make Old Bones and Bred In The Bone

Leslie Talley received her B.S. in Nursing from the
University of Kentucky and a B.A. and M.A. in English from the University of
Central Florida, Orlando, where she subsequently taught, as an adjunct,
Technical Writing and Business Writing for ten years.
Leslie and her husband Luke have two children: Terri
Talley Venters, Wild Child author of Carbon
, Tin Roof, and Copper Cauldron; and Damon Talley,
video conference lead at Harris Corporation. Leslie and Luke have lived in
Titusville, Florida, for forty-five years.
Old Bones
and Bred In
The Bone
are both available from Wild Child Publishing, amazon.com, and
barnesandnoble.com. Purchase links can be found on her website. http://www.makeoldbones.com/

Teaser Tuesday with Leslie S. Talley

Today’s Teaser is from Wild Child Publishing Author Leslie S. Talley.

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MAKE OLD BONES: Fifteen-year-old Connie Kittredge disappears in 1953, presumed
drowned, in Daytona Beach, Florida. Almost forty years later, her skeleton is
discovered in the disused dumbwaiter of historic Belgrath House, situated on an
island in the tidal Halifax River. The discovery coincides with the thirty-five
year reunion of Connie’s Class of ’57.
Clarice and Otis Campion function as caretakers of Belgrath, newly
restored and opened as a B & B. Clarice, along with their permanent guest
Miss Letty, ninety-year-old star of the silent screen, decides to investigate
the mystery. Could the murderer be one of Connie’s classmates, now respectable
citizens? A rejected boy friend? A jealous girl? Connie, a sneaky child, loved
the power of finding out secrets; perhaps she found one just too dangerous for
her to live.
At a wake for Connie held at Belgrath House, someone collapses
from iced tea laced with cherry laurel, proving that the murderer is still
around – and dangerous. Complications cloud the picture in the form of
suspicious bed and breakfasters, restoration society members, University of
Florida freshmen…and a certain pelican. Clarice and Miss Letty re-double
their efforts at sleuthing. The death of Connie Kittredge is tied directly to
the history of the house, they learn. The house will ultimately reveal its
secrets, but not before exposing Clarice to danger.
Inadvertently left behind during a forced evacuation due to
Category Four Hurricane Aphrodite, Clarice finds herself confronting a killer –
and a rising tidal surge.
What would the children think if they saw her? She
thought of the others that way: children. Why did she still bother with them?
Not much longer, she thought. An idea sprouted in her brain. Why not scare
them? Hide. Don’t come out. Let them think some Bogeyman found her. She knew
just the spot, too. She found it the previous week, the same trip that secured
for her the piece of map. She came to the house by herself – well, actually to
meet someone. Someone who didn’t show up. But he would. Oh, yes! And that other
she’d seen – Connie hugged herself as she thought of the power.
Stubbing out the cigarette in the stone urn on the
post, Connie groped her way to the kitchen at the rear of the house. Gleefully,
she opened the door of one of the pantries. She ran her hand along the wall
until she found the knob. She remembered that it looked just like one of the
other cabinets. She wedged herself inside the tiny space: a miniature elevator.
Perfect. They’d never look for her here. Best of all, she needn’t go near the
third floor.
The jolt jarred her, tipping her over so that her
head rested on the doorframe. A hollow noise reverberated down the shaft.
Slowly her crawlspace moved…upward.
Author’s Bio: Leslie Talley received her B.S. in nursing from the
University of Kentucky and a B.A. and M.A. in English from the University of
Central Florida, Orlando, where she subsequently taught, as an adjunct,
Technical Writing and Business Writing for ten years.
Leslie and her husband Luke have two children: Terri
Talley Venters, Wild Child Publishing author of Carbon Copy, and Damon Talley, education specialist in aerospace. Forty-four-year
residents of Titusville, Florida, Leslie and Luke also have four grandchildren.