Jenn’s 2015 TV Recap #3

Should have one more recap after this one! Yes, I watch a lot of damn TV, didn’t you know? LOL

Same style as last time: my favorite characters and a favorite moment from each…plus or minus one or two. 🙂

Let’s start with….

Vikings (History)
Oh man. This show! I love Ragnar. I loved Floki. Until he killed my other fave Athelston. Man, that pissed me off. But, I have to say, they got me. They really got me. I thought Ragnar was really dead and Bjorn was going to be the focus of next season, which he still may be. That moment when the lid flew off the casket? Perfection. Great finale to another crazy ass season. 

Gotham (Fox)
This one is still fresh in my my as far as finale’s go and…it was pretty crappy. I hope they can fix the problems with this show for season two, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to. Me, personally, I love Alfred and Bruce, a good chunk of fans hate them both. Loved the Nygma’s course within the show until this last episode where they have him hearing voices. Meh. I’m glad Fish is gone, she was great in the beginning. I have no clue WTF is up with Barbara, but she can go, too. My favorite moment was the Riddler’s first kill, it was shot so brilliantly. I’m looking forward to more of him next season.

Daredevil (Netflix)
This show is dark. I’m not only talking about emotionally dark, but actually, dark dark. Most of it is set at night, but even when it’s not all the sets are darker than normal. It got a little annoying, but I did binge watch it in three days so that’s my problem, not theirs. LOL Another fantastic cast of people on this show, not one person felt out of place, everyone fit perfectly. While I love Matt, of course, I have to say Rosario Dawson was a great addition and was perfect for grounding the show in reality and providing a little comic relief. I hope she comes back in Season 2. *Edit* SHE IS!!! YAY

Criminal Minds (CBS)
I don’t have an issue with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I didn’t like the way they brought her in, but that last episode where they sent her off was pretty damn good. However, I’m finding myself less interested in this show the more I watch it. I don’t want that to happen. I love Morgan & Garcia, I think they need their own spin off.

Forever (ABC)
Well, really love this show……STOP. *Edit* It just got canceled. MOTHERFLOWER! Nevermind….

Big Bang Theory (CBS)
The first half of the season was just okay for me, then it got really good again. I think Bernadette is my favorite from this year. Howard’s mother dying was sad, but it made for the best episodes of the season. I would have liked a little more build up to Sheldon’s big decision because we all know he wouldn’t go into it lightly and it’s highly unlikely he wouldn’t tell anyone else. Hmm.

Revenge (ABC)
Nolan needs a spin-off. It ended exactly how I figured it would. Meh. They never should have brought David back to life, but I guess it’s better he took care of Victoria than Amanda.

Castle (ABC)
Castle is still my favorite character. I love him with Alexis, I think they are a great pair on screen. I would like to see more of her interacting with him and Kate. The PI subplot was great, lots of fun moments from that, and it felt organic enough to not make me roll my eyes.

The Originals (CW)
Elijah. He’s the reason I started watching this show because I didn’t like Klaus. At all. I like him a little more now, but it took a while. I liked NuBekka, didn’t like new Finn, but I like Vincent, and now I kinda miss NuKol, too. Meh. Too many body jumps in this show, but it’s still fun to watch.

A couple more weeks and the majority of the show are done for the season. What’s left that you are looking forward to? Anything get canceled that you love? I feel your pain.

How about new shows, any look good yet?

Teaser Tuesday from Tiva Boon: Heir of Abennelp

Today’s Teaser Tuesday is from me! 

I don’t think I’ve shared anything from the second book yet, so, here you go:

“You call this stuff intoxicating? Where are the real drinks?” Tiva heard the complaint as she walked in the mess hall. The aroma inside made her stomach rumble, chastising her for skipping a meal. She sighed and moved to the counter. Vinni served a large mug to Adam Cooper; who was laughing at the bartender. He shook his head. “I’m joking, Vin. Well, not really, but don’t worry… I’m not mad. Just hook me up with one of those citrus drinks.”

Tiva took a seat, and placed her order with the young lady standing behind Vinni. She was tired of  he protein shakes; a sandwich and juice would be a nice change of pace.

The mess was unusually quiet. Several people chatted silently with their friends or crew mates. Cracking her fingers as she waited, Tiva watched as Cooper gulped down his drink, and tapped on the bar.

“And how about a glass of water and a washcloth for my lady friend?” He gestured to the blade hanging at his hip.

Tiva gawked. A sword wielder?Most of the aliens she had come across thus far preferred advanced technical weapons. Not many used metal and steel among the stars. Vinni fulfilled his request then placed her order on the counter.

“Here ya go.”

She broke her stare.“Yes, thank you.” Tiva gathered the tray and hopped off the chair. Her usual table in the corner was unoccupied and she made her way over.

Tiva sipped her juice and glanced out the porthole window. The stars were less dense than they had been the week before. Granted, it was a different part of space, but she wondered if that meant anything as she bit into her food.

“Nifty little toy you’ve got there.”

She glanced up and raised an eyebrow. Cooper stood before her, smiling. “Pardon?”

He gestured toward her side, the one without her plasma gun. “That thing, your claw.”

Her hand protectively went to the weapon and she dropped her sandwich. “Thank you. I brought it from home.”

“Of course you did,” he said with a chortle and ran his hand through shaggy brown hair. “It’s not like you can get a decent weapon here. Nope, nothing but new-age lasery stuff.”

“I fashioned the weapon myself. I have found few items that can compare, yet.”

“Now that takes a bit of skill. I’ve never been one to make weapons. Mine was a gift from an
old friend.”

She peered at his side. “The craftsmanship is amazing, I have never seen anything like it…”
She paused narrowing her gaze for a moment. There was something odd about him, and the
weapon. “…before.”

He pulled the blade out, allowing her a better look. The golden eyes engraved in the hilt seemed to stare at her. “She’s one of a kind…Well, one of a pair. The other is lost.”

Her gaze slid over the blade, exquisite was the only word she could think, but she kept that to herself. “Very nice, indeed…Mr…”

“Sir,” he calmly corrected, sheathed his weapon and sat down across from her without invitation. “Sir Adam Cooper. And you?”

She blinked.Sir Adam Cooper? Only the protectors on Abennelp held the title of Sir, was he a protector from his world as well? “Roya…Tiva Boon.”

“Roya? I never heard of a name like that before. Then again, there are a lot of names I haven’t heard.” He laughed. “Nice to meet you, Roya Boon.”

“Tiva Boon. I was about to say Royal Guardian, but I no longer hold the honor.”

He shrugged. “And I haven’t been a knight in ages. But that doesn’t mean I don’t go by Sir. Wait a second…” He paused.“Royal Guardian?”

She bit into the last of her sandwich, acting as if his intrusion was no issue, and consented. “You mean like a castle guard or more like a knight?”

“I was an elite protector to the king and queen of my planet,” she answered, giving no other information. Turning slightly upon hearing the doors to the mess open, she spotted Raife.

Cooper chuckled. “It’s been a long time since I met an actual Dame.”

“I am no longer a guardian, my duties lie here now.” She rose from her seat taking her tray in hand. The conversation made her uncomfortable. Crossing the mess hall, she gave Vinni her dishes and ordered another juice.

A gust of wind rushed past and Cooper’s voice boomed from behind, startling her. “Try the orange stuff. It’s great.”

She jumped back, her hand nearing the claw automatically. She met his eyes and raised a brow, then looked back toward the table. The movement on his back was not a cloak or a cape, but large black feathered wings smoothed along his shoulders. That information was not in his record. She forced herself to show no emotion, and was thankful for the interruption when Raife neared.

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