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Hunter Awakens by J.R. Roper

vacation at thirteen isn’t supposed to include sorcerers, poltergeists, and
serpent dragons–unless you’re a treasure hunter.
thirteen-year-old Ethan Morus is forced to stay on his grandparent’s old farm,
he expects to find weathered barns, rusty tools, and a creaky house in need of
fresh paint. What he doesn’t expect is to hear a legend placing his family at
the center of an ancient treasure hunt. Or find burial chambers protected by
poltergeists, or a secret lair guarded by an ancient beast. And least of all,
Ethan doesn’t suspect that powerful sorcerers are watching his every move.
found Ethan and believe he is from a line of treasure hunters who possess a
rare instinct to locate powerful artifacts. Whether he has the instinct or not,
Ethan is faced with a choice—search the Morus property and find what they want
or lose yet another family member.
and Blog:

J.R. Roper is a teacher and
writer living in Michigan with his lovely wife and kids. He has a passion for
middle grade and young adult fantasy and is hard at work on his Morus
Chronicles series. 
Horror is his favorite genre for short fiction and poetry.
His abnormally high caffeine levels have been rumored to change vampires back
to human form and there is a story floating around about him living in the
belly of the dragon.