Jenn’s TV Recap Part Deux #ClarkGregg #JamesSpader

All righty, a few more shows have ended this week…are you sad? I am. But I also have some awesome summer shows I’m looking forward to as well!

So, let’s get to it.

Oh, wait…POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Why I started watching: Live action Disney/FairyTale characters? There was no way I wasn’t watching this show.

What did I think of this season? While I don’t miss Neverland, I miss Pan. I really wish “Henry” would have stayed in Pan, though the kid’s voice dropped this season and he grew a few inches between the first and last episodes and it seems like he’s a bit more tolerable this year. The last quarter of the season turned about to be pretty awesome, then they had to go and recycle the same damn plot. Really? REALLY? ugh.

Will I watch next season? Yes. I’m invested now, might as well…

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)

Why I started watching: Clark Gregg’s Coulson.  And when I found out Ming-Na Wen was going to be in it, it just made me squee even more.

What did I think of this season? I have no complaints, at all. Even the filler episodes were fun and exciting.  I love it when shows surprise me. There were many things I didn’t see coming, and the ones I did see coming were still shocking because of some well placed twists and hints.  I didn’t need to have Superheroes in this show. The references and guest stars more than made up for it. Though, I must admit, it’s a helluva lot funnier when Fury and Coulson are in the room together. They need a buddy cop movie STAT! 

Will I watch next season? Heck yeah. No question.

Revenge (ABC)

Why I started watching: I think my mom told me I need to watch it, so I did.

What did I think of this season? Charlotte’s still alive. Meh. I don’t want Conrad to be dead because he was just getting villainy good! That last speech was amazingly evil. Overall the story is back on track, but I’m really not sure about the surprise twist at the end. I don’t buy it. It doesn’t make sense to me, at all. So, they better have a really good explanation as to why David Clarke is alive and WHY he was watching from the shadows for the last four years while his daughter went all Revengey.

Will I watch next season? Yes, provided they don’t jump the shark or go into crazy theory land, I’ll stick with it.

Castle (ABC)

Why I started watching: It was as story about a writer working with the NYPD to solve crimes. Just about every writer I knew was watching, too.

What did I think of this season? Pretty good. Castle is one of the few shows that has been able to put their two leads together and still keep it interesting without breaking them up or throwing stupid complications at them (save the finale). The last several episodes were very awesome and I love how they finally got around to Beckett’s mother’s murder. They showcased Ryan & Espo in a few great episodes this year. I was actually worried one of them was going to die this year.

Will I watch next season? Yeah, even though the finale was ANNOYING and a very silly thing to do. Don’t pretend to kill a main character and then while the credits are rolling have the announcer say said main character will be back in the fall. Didn’t that just negate the whole cliffhanger thing you “tried” to pull off? Miserable fail.

Glee (Fox)

Why I started watching: I love to sing. I love musicals. And I have fond memories of being in a glee club. 

What did I think of this season? This season is kinda meh for me. I miss the school setting and the teachers and all those amazing topical things they used to cover. While I understand TPTB wanted to focus on Rachel, Kurt and their friends, I enjoyed it more when it was ABOUT THE GLEE CLUB! Yes, I understand the death of one of their main lead characters forced them to do something different, but I liked that new group of kids at McKinley High. This show could have gone on for another 5 or 6 years if they kept it the way it was. Whatever. 

Will I watch next season? Meh, yeah…I’ll still watch because the songs/singers are usually fantastic.

The Blacklist (NBC)

Why I started watching: James Spader

What did I think of this season? Amazing. Fantastic. Outstanding! So many little things I loved in this show. Dembe, Red’s speeches, Crazy Tom. I know some people have issue with the actress playing Lizzy, but since I am not an actor, unless someone is reallllly bad, I usually don’t notice the acting, acting part of it all. I allow myself to get invested in the characters. I didn’t mind the actress, but I kinda thought Liz was dumb a lot of the time. But, then again, she is a rookie who was thrust into a crazy situation. I don’t think Tom is dead. Hope not. And I think, Red saved Lizzy from the fire, but he’s not her father.

Will I watch next season? Yes. I missed the last TV show Spader was in, so I made sure to catch this one. He’s hilarious in this show. I know, probably a weird word choice, but he is. 

Vikings (History)

Why I started watching: I became a fan of History Channel documentaries back in the early 2000’s. While they don’t seem to do as many as they have, some of their original programming is worth catching. Vikings, being the first scripted series certainly got my attention, so I watched to see what it was all about.

What did I think of this season? Wow. Just wow! This is season two, and I can honestly say I’ve NEVER seen some of the things they’ve done in this show when it comes to war and battle. I watch a lot of movies and shows about war, old and new, so I’ve seen quite a variety. But the Vikings writers really did their research and showed some of the coolest battle tactics I’ve ever seen. 

It’s loosely based on real people and the cast is amazing. It’s worth a binge watch or two. In face I’m thinking of a rewatch already.

Will I watch next season? Yes, yes, yes.

Shows I stopped watching this season:

Tomorrow People (CW) I got to about 8 or 9 and then I just didn’t care anymore, which made no sense to me considering A. I watched the 90’s version on Nick and loved it. 2. It’s about people with powers! I write that shit. and III. It has a great cast of actors and totally should have worked. Ah well.

Hawaii 5-O (CBS) I didn’t even make it to the FansPick The Plot episode. Not sure why I lost interest here either. Just did.

So, did you watch any of the above? Which did you hate and which did you love?

Jenn’s TV Recap Part 1

I’m back with another TV Recap. It usually takes me days to get these posted because there are so many great shows on right now, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. There are a handful of shows that have said their goodbyes for the season or forever, so we’ll start with them.

I’ll use the format similar to the past in an attempt to keep your attention.

Helix (SyFy)

Why I started watching: Billy Campbell, I’ve always liked him. SyFy gets extra points for including Jerri Ryan and Kiroyuki Sandan – probably best know Dogen on LOST or original (better) Takeda on Revenge.

What did I think of this season? Pretty damn good. Although I seem to have lost my interest in crime procedurals, I still love a good mystery. This one had me glued to my seat.

Will I watch next season? Yes. The initial set up and plot of this season wrapped up rather nicely before sending us off into another plotline. Well done SyFy, much better than the 5 mins of Sharknado I forced myself to watch.

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Why I started watching: Zombies on TV, how could I not?

What did I think of this season? This season had a few great episodes and for me, it was much better than the last season. The first half was overshadowed by the second half because so much happened after the group was separated. Carol’s alive! Where’s Glenn? Tremius! Look at the flowers, Lizzy! So much heartbreak.

Will I watch next season? Yes, and every season until it’s over.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Why I started watching: Not sure I remember, but I think my bestie and I were looking for something new to watch and it was on Netflix. Yeah, that sounds right…

What did I think of this season? It started off pretty good. Got lame. Then it was really good for the last six or so episodes. Then the finale. WTF. Worst ending to any show I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot.

Will I watch next season? I don’t have to. Thankfully. I wouldn’t have anyway, that’s how pissed I got. LOL

Lost Girl (SyFy)

Why I started watching: It was a show about a succubus who didn’t know she was a succubus. How cool is that?

What did I think of this season? It was okay. For some reason, TV writers still think that sexual tension between two people is the only thing that will keep people watching. They are wrong! While I admit love triangles and rectangles and even octagons can be interesting, I’d be more interested to see a couple building their relationship after they get together instead of just breaking people up and throwing stupid obstacles in the way. I’m still pissed about Hale. SO WRONG!

Will I watch next season? Probably, but I’m on #TeamKenzi now.

Scandal (ABC)

Why I started watching? Honestly, nothing else was on that day and I think Kerry Washington is super pretty!

What did I think of this season? OHMYGODWHATTHEHUCK! Yeah, that’s pretty much every other episode this season. While I do miss the Fixer-Subplots of OPA helping out people with their problems, this season was full of so much Shock and Awe that even I didn’t see most of it coming (and I usually do). Well done Shonda, you are on my list of SuperWriterHeroes.

Will I watch next season? Hell yeah.

Shows I didn’t watch all season but checked out:

Intelligence: It was basically a higher tech Chuck just with Sawyer. Meh.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderlands: Tom from the UK (better) Being Human and Sayid from LOST could not save this show. Yuck.

Brooklyn 99: Yes, a comedy! I know, crazy right? I did watch a few episodes and it was hilarious. I may check it out over the summer.

So that’s about it for part 1. I didn’t watch Vikings last night, so you know what I’ll be doing later. 🙂

What are your favorite new shows this year? What did you freak out over so far? Do you think I watch too much TV? 🙂