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actor Parker Stigwood stuns the world by doing the unthinkable on live
television, he’s convinced his career is over. Disgusted by Hollywood
hypocrisy, he pushes the pause button on his life and retreats to his parents’
home in Dareville to contemplate his future. Little does he realize, various
forces have plans for him on a personal and professional level.

Luke Hall is excited to direct
his first play for the local arts center, more so when the handsome movie star
volunteers to watch rehearsals and offer pointers. Luke would rather watch
Parker, but there are interruptions to his viewing pleasure. When a
well-meaning friend seeking benefits places doubts in Luke’s head about
Parker’s intentions, Luke wonders if their relationship will bomb at the box

On and off-stage, Luke and Parker’s passion sizzles. But will Parker dare
to act on his feelings for Luke and leave his star behind for good?

“I wanted to tell you how
much I enjoyed the rehearsal. You have a great ensemble there, and I liked how
the script and the action flowed.” Parker sipped his coffee. “If I had to offer
anything constructive, just based on what I saw, I think maybe your Titania
could slow things down a bit. There were parts where it sounded rushed, and she
slurred her words. Even if you’re going to use the original Shakespeare with
the contemporary sets, people still need to understand what everybody is
“I don’t disagree with you
there. Janie’s audition was practically flawless, too, but lately it appears
that she’s somewhere else during rehearsal. Mentally, that is,” Luke said.
“Gotcha. I thought my
presence might have distracted her, but you’re saying this isn’t an isolated
Luke shook his head. He
wished he could attribute the rehearsal gaffes to Parker’s presence—Lord knew
he had trouble concentrating on anything besides Parker’s smile and long legs
stretched out as he reclined—but he knew he needed to deal with Janie soon.
“Anything else you liked or
disliked?” he asked. “We have a full dress rehearsal in a few days, beginning
to end. If you’re not busy, you’re welcome to sit in.” His crew would think him
insane for making the suggestion, considering how he didn’t let even his mother
linger in the auditorium after delivering his lunch. Eventually the play would
open to a live audience, even if the prospect of someone witnessing the rough
product unnerved Luke.
If Parker proved the lone
exception, it was because Luke liked having the man near, and sitting close to
him like this was nearly ideal.
Parker nodded, as though
pondering the invitation. “I suppose I should get a rental car tomorrow if I’m
going to be out and about while I’m here,” he said. “My parents have given me
use of their cars, but I don’t like holding them up, even though they insist I
don’t go to any extravagant lengths to make things more convenient for them.”
Luke laughed. “They
actually said that? Man, if I were raking in millions, my mother would be
shopping for vacation homes in the Bahamas. For herself.”
“They let me go wild at
Christmas, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t say I’m raking in millions, not like
DiCaprio or Tom Cruise, but I do well.” Parker wrapped his hands around his mug
and studied the contents. “They spent their lives together not having much,
forever wondering about the next paycheck, so they feel it’s wiser to keep the
money in the bank. You know, after I signed my first film contract, instead of
popping open some champagne, I got a lecture about investing wisely.” Parker
raised his eyebrows, looking quite comical as he spoke. “Because the movie
could flop, and then where would I be?”
Luke laughed again, shaking
his head. He knew Parker’s filmography. The man had yet to star in a bomb.
“The more I think about it,
they had a point,” Parker continued. “I don’t have an agent right now, and I
don’t know if she’s taking calls or blowing people off. When people do realize
I have no representation, would they call me directly?”
“That sounds typical given
the circumstances, but are you really worried about not getting offers?”
“Maybe.” Parker smiled.
“I’m not hurting for money, but I like to work. I thought this signaled a
change in my career path, but I realize I’m not ready to retire. I suppose I
could try for more indie projects.”
“There’s always the stage,”
Luke said.
“Yes. I’m going to need new
representation anyway. I should shoot up to New York for a weekend and scout
some prospects.” After a brief silence, Parker held up his mug. “Refill?”
Luke curled a hand over the
rim of his mug. “I’m good, thanks. It has kick—either that or I’m failing at
holding my liquor tonight.”
“I know I am. Whoa.” Parker
stood and wobbled, but quickly corrected himself and moved to set his mug on a
shelf inside the garage. “I should throw in the towel as well.”
“Okay.” Luke carried his
mug over to Parker. “Well, thanks for having me over. Hopefully we’ll see you—”
The rest of his sentence
was muted, thanks to the kiss Parker planted on his lips. He held Luke’s face
close and stroked his cheeks with his thumbs. Luke shuffled into a more
comfortable posture and wrapped his arms around Parker’s waist. He tasted
whiskey and cream and moaned appreciatively when his host pulled him tight.
Their bodies joined, Luke
closed his eyes and focused on the hands that stroked his back and slid down
his spine to cup his ass. Hard muscle brushed against his groin, stirring his
cock in his jeans. Luke wondered when Parker decided that this was a good idea,
but knew better to question good fortune.
Gripping Parker at the
waist, he broke off the kiss and took in a deep breath. “Your parents,” he
“Go to bed early, and even
if they decided to stay up late they wouldn’t be coming out here,” Parker
finished for him. “Like you intimated earlier today, our mothers hatched a
plan, and my folks knew I asked you to stop by. There’s no way in hell they’re
going to butt in and break this up.”
Parker twined his fingers
with Luke’s and beckoned him to follow. They walked around the garage, along
the landscaped exterior of the house. “Let me show you something,” Parker said.
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Bio: Leigh Ellwood is an award-winning author of erotica and
erotic romance fiction. Following the release of her first novel, Truth or Dare, in 2004, Leigh has
since written several novels, novella, and short stories. She is an EPIC Award
winner and has been nominated for many reviewers awards for her works.  

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