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Book Description: A Fantasy Short Story Collection
Follow five women from Foxwick in this five-story fantasy collection.
A bard will lose her head, if she doesn’t find the correct notes. A dragon seer must decide whether to betray her dragons or her fair kingdom. An assassin will journey to the Shadowlands to destroy Death. Twins are selected for the Mage Game, and a princess will journey to Valdale in search of the sorceress who can save Foxwick.

Women of Foxwick Information 
Excerpt of Women of Foxwick from the short story “Dragon Seer”
With a table-sized cloth draped over
her arm, Vesta tiptoed toward the wounded moss-colored dragon. The creature
whimpered, and tendrils of smoke escaped from his flaring nostrils. He stomped
his feet, nearly bumping against the trees. Black blood oozed from the wound
where the short spear punctured and remained in his forearm. Vesta glanced
toward her cottage, but she could barely see it in the nearby valley. Perhaps
she should’ve brought some water to clean the dragon’s wound. Oh, well. She had
no time to go back.
Get it out, Vesta.
It hurts. The dragon’s words vibrated
through her mind.
“Calm down, Attor, and let me help you. It’s your own fault,
you know.” She grasped the spear in two hands. “Close your eyes. I’ll pull it
It’s not my fault.
He squeezed his eyelids shut. Be quick. Count to three.
“Who raided Donal’s flock?”
He snorted.
“Okay, one . . . two . . .” She dug her heels into the
ground and yanked on the spear. “. . . three.” The spear loosened and popped
out. The momentum forced her backward, and she fell on her behind.
He opened his eyes and peeked at the wound. It’s bleeding. Fix it.
“Don’t be so bossy, mister.” Dirt coated her dress, and she
brushed it away as she stood. A breeze brushed against her uncovered head. She
yanked her cloak’s hood over her hair. If
anyone saw the violet strands
. . . . Then, she fastened the cloth over the
wound. “There. All better.”
“Don’t be so dubious. It’s unbecoming.”
His belly rumbled from laughter.
“And why were you in Donal’s fields? I thought we agreed you
would track game in the forest.”
But sheep taste better.
“You’re just lazy. Other dragons are happy to hunt for their
food instead of snatching a free meal.”
What do you know of
other dragons
? We all love easy meals.
His forked-tongued darted out and licked his lips. He eyed her like a juicy
She shook her head and laughed. “You wouldn’t dare.”
Wouldn’t I?
“Nope.” She patted his paw. “Who would tend your wounds
otherwise? Besides, my kind is even rarer than dragons.”
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A self-proclaimed bookworm, Cherie Reich is a writer, freelance
editor, book blogger, and library assistant living in Virginia. Her short
stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies. Her e-books include a
horror novelette titled Once Upon a
December Nightmare
, a short story collection with authors Aubrie Dionne and
Lisa Rusczyk titled The Best of Raven and
the Writing Desk
, the futuristic space fantasy trilogy Gravity, and The Foxwick
, a series of fantasy short stories. She is a member of Valley
Writers and the Virginia Writers Club.

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