Jenn’s Mini TV Recap- Renamed – Part 3

Yeah, yeah, I was supposed to be back on Friday with a Weds-Thursday recap, but I forgot.

Bad blogger.

I know.

It looks like Wednesdays are my new Mondays, prior to 24 that is. I remember when NOTHING was on Monday. At least Criminal Minds is back this week.

I did watch Survivor, I’ll always watch Survivor, but not for the reason most people do. I’m a people watcher. It’s helpful when trying to write realistic characters who are very different. Survivor brings all kinds of people on the show. Utopia tried to do that, but left me feeling meh.


Scandal – The White Hat is back on! I honestly thought they would make us wait a whole episode or maybe two before Olivia came back for real, but this is Shondaland, everything happens at breakneck speeds, which I should be used to by now, but sometimes it still surprises me. How about the tension in those last few mins between Fitz and Oliva. Wow. Hot. I don’t agree with all the aspects of their relationship, but they have some off the charts chemistry even when they’re not looking at each other.

How To Get Away With Murder – This was probably the best pilot I’ve seen in ages. It was weird and quirky and creepy and funny and with a whole lot of open questions that beg to be answered. I don’t want to give anything away, but again, this is Shondaland, so you never have to wait very long for some answers. This one is a keeper!


I haven’t watched Revenge yet. I hope it’s good.

Once Upon A Time – Good start to the season, however, I’m really tired of the writers treating Regina like a ping pong ball. Let her be good for a little while, jeeze would it kill ya? She worked SO hard to overcome her crappy past, finally has friends in Storybrooke, and the respect of her son, and so what does she do about losing Robin? Turn full tilt evil again? Bleh. Other than that, I like Emma and Hook and his lack of knowledge of the present, makes for funny moments of dialogue.

The Simpsons – The season opener was okay, the cross over with Family Guy was brilliant. It poked fun at all of us and all of them. How fun!

Castle – Why do writers of TV show insist on treating their long time viewers like idiots? Every single person who watches Castle would NEVER in a million years believe that Kate, Espo, and Ryan would think Castle was “in on it” that quickly and with those few pieces of “evidence”. No, after the 2 month montage, I’d more more inclined to believe it. Either way, I’m glad this season will give us a little more Castle background. He’s a much more interesting character than everyone else on the show considering they’re all the same type of character on every other cop show.

So those are the season premiers I’ve watched so far. What are you loving so far? What are you already taking off your watch list? No spoilers!

Jenn’s Tuesday mini-TV Recap!

Day two of TV Premier week!

I watched Scorpion and Under the Dome from Monday. I thought Scorpion was decent, may be a fun show to keep up with. Dome, meh, the last few minutes were interesting and I would really love some answers seeing as they are different from the book, but, meh. Good thing it’s a summer show.

Tuesday’s show –

Forever – Episode 2 was good. It still feels like I’m watching New Amsterdam. Ioan is fun to watch and I love Judd Hirsh, so I’ll keep watching for now.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – The team is back! Sorta. Love Triplett on the team! Not sure I like the new direction they are going with Coluson being director, but I’ll give it a chance. No spoilers but they better fix the Fitz-Simmons situation stat!

I recorded NCISNOLA to check out and ended up deleting Utopia. I’ll just read recaps or something, I’m sure it’ll be canceled soon.

Tonight’s watch is Survivor and not much else, so I’ll be back Friday. 🙂

Jenn’s Monday mini-TV Recap

If I didn’t have a full time job I would write TV Recaps all day long.

If you know anyone who wants to hire me to do so, let me know. 😛

We’re off to a good 2014-2015 TV Season I think.

No Spoilers!

New Shows:

Gotham – I was more excited to watch it than I should have been because having watched all the behind the scenes and trailers and extended clips, I pretty much watched the whole first episode. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but nothing really surprised me. I will be watching this show, hope episode 2 is even better.

Forever – It’s New Amsterdam meets Sherlock, but that’s okay with me because after Time Travel, Immortality is one of my fave Sci-Fi topics. I watched the pilot a few weeks ago, but enjoyed it enough to check out another.


Big Bang Theory – Always hilarious. It’s honestly the only sitcom I watch on a regular basis.

Sleepy Hollow – They got me. At first I was like ok, this can’t be right, but they convinced me right before they pulled the rug out. Weird episode. Didn’t have the same feel as last season until the very end. There’s something about Abby and Icabod that just works better than any other combo on the show. Still, loving John Noble.

Blacklist – Not a bad return. I love Red, so as long as he stays true to his awesome self, Jenn will be happy.

Didn’t get to watch Scorpion yet, that’ll be tonight.

What did you watch? What did you like/not like?