Jenn’s TV Recap #4!

Okay, I think this is the last one, right? Probably not, but for now, it’s what I’ve got.

Possible Spoilers ahead!

Let’s start with…

Agents of SHIELD (ABC)
Such a great season! Not sure about a few things, like where they’re taking Simmons, and why they had to kill Trip, he was awesome! But I love the introduction of the Inhumans, and I had a feeling than Anya Jiaying was going to be bad. Shame, she was a great character to explore a little more. I kinda felt bad for Ward, for a minute, but then I got over it. Hope Cal comes back. Favorite characters will always and forever be May and Coulson.

American Idol (Fox)
Jax should have won. That is all.

Arrow (CW) That’s a lot of A’s…
I LOVE THIS FREAKING SHOW. Yeah, I am on a Superhero kick, and this is probably #2 but a close #2, I’ll get to #1 later. Fave Characters are still Oliver, Dig, and Felicity, though I have to say Thea didn’t bother me as much as normal. The fight scenes are some of the best on TV, hands down, and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of watching Merlyn on screen.

CSI: Cyber (CBS)
I’ve given up on all the other CSI, though I will watching the two hour finale send off movie if Grissom comes back! However, nothing else was on, so I decided to watch, because I love the Beek and Bow Wow is so cute and Patricia just won the Oscar, so how could I not? It’s more in the vein of Criminal Minds than a normal CSI show, so that probably helped. It also scared the CRAP out of me with what people can do online. Turn off your location people! Don’t geo tag your photos! Yikes.

The Vampire Diaries (CW)
I’m in it for for the long haul, apparently. Now that Elena is gone, I’m curious to see where it goes. Her send off was HORRIBLE! I mean, really? A Magical Coma? Bleh. I don’t like Enzo. I don’t like their mother. I love Alaric and loved Jo…wtf? At least Jeremy came back to say goodbye. Meh. I’ll watch for Damon.

Scandal (ABC)
Oh. My. God. When Eli screamed OLIVIA I had goosebumps. You go girl! Not that I think it’ll last and the repercussions are going to be bad. Good on Jake for getting the fuck out. I would have, too. Fitz and Mellie are such an odd pair and honestly, he shouldn’t have kicked her out. However, I think she’ll do just fine. 🙂 They need to so something new with Huck, and if they’re smart, they’ll end next season, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Mad Men (AMC)
Weird season. They did the best they could, I guess. I’m glad it’s over, it wasn’t great the last couple of seasons, I wanted more advertising drama, not people drama. Oh well.

The Flash (CW)
#1 Favorite Superhero Show! TIME TRAVEL!! You will always win me with Time Travel. Joe and Barry are the heart and soul of this show. The special effects are amazing. It’s fun and lighthearted and serious and angsty all at the same time. What more could you ask for? A super, Supervillain? Yep, Wells/Thawne was fantastic and I’m so happy they’re gonna find a way to bring Tom Cavanaugh back! I didn’t really like the last bit after Barry came back from the past, I hope they have a good explanation because they have a lot of paradoxes to untangle.

Survivor (CBS)
I only watched half the season. I just wasn’t into it. Glad Mike won, seems like he deserved it.

Supernatural (CW)
I like this season more than last, but I do miss the old school Supernatural. I will say, I am kinda tired of every season ender being about one of the brothers saving the other because of something stupid they did early in the season. As long as Cass and Crowley are back and someone please kill Rowena. Don’t like her. At all.

So, that’s it.

We have So You Think You Can Dance and Under the Dome coming up soon. I may check out one or two other summer shows, but you know, I should be writing!

How about you? Which Finale did you love, which did you hate?

Jenn’s 2015 TV Recap #3

Should have one more recap after this one! Yes, I watch a lot of damn TV, didn’t you know? LOL

Same style as last time: my favorite characters and a favorite moment from each…plus or minus one or two. 🙂

Let’s start with….

Vikings (History)
Oh man. This show! I love Ragnar. I loved Floki. Until he killed my other fave Athelston. Man, that pissed me off. But, I have to say, they got me. They really got me. I thought Ragnar was really dead and Bjorn was going to be the focus of next season, which he still may be. That moment when the lid flew off the casket? Perfection. Great finale to another crazy ass season. 

Gotham (Fox)
This one is still fresh in my my as far as finale’s go and…it was pretty crappy. I hope they can fix the problems with this show for season two, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to. Me, personally, I love Alfred and Bruce, a good chunk of fans hate them both. Loved the Nygma’s course within the show until this last episode where they have him hearing voices. Meh. I’m glad Fish is gone, she was great in the beginning. I have no clue WTF is up with Barbara, but she can go, too. My favorite moment was the Riddler’s first kill, it was shot so brilliantly. I’m looking forward to more of him next season.

Daredevil (Netflix)
This show is dark. I’m not only talking about emotionally dark, but actually, dark dark. Most of it is set at night, but even when it’s not all the sets are darker than normal. It got a little annoying, but I did binge watch it in three days so that’s my problem, not theirs. LOL Another fantastic cast of people on this show, not one person felt out of place, everyone fit perfectly. While I love Matt, of course, I have to say Rosario Dawson was a great addition and was perfect for grounding the show in reality and providing a little comic relief. I hope she comes back in Season 2. *Edit* SHE IS!!! YAY

Criminal Minds (CBS)
I don’t have an issue with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I didn’t like the way they brought her in, but that last episode where they sent her off was pretty damn good. However, I’m finding myself less interested in this show the more I watch it. I don’t want that to happen. I love Morgan & Garcia, I think they need their own spin off.

Forever (ABC)
Well, really love this show……STOP. *Edit* It just got canceled. MOTHERFLOWER! Nevermind….

Big Bang Theory (CBS)
The first half of the season was just okay for me, then it got really good again. I think Bernadette is my favorite from this year. Howard’s mother dying was sad, but it made for the best episodes of the season. I would have liked a little more build up to Sheldon’s big decision because we all know he wouldn’t go into it lightly and it’s highly unlikely he wouldn’t tell anyone else. Hmm.

Revenge (ABC)
Nolan needs a spin-off. It ended exactly how I figured it would. Meh. They never should have brought David back to life, but I guess it’s better he took care of Victoria than Amanda.

Castle (ABC)
Castle is still my favorite character. I love him with Alexis, I think they are a great pair on screen. I would like to see more of her interacting with him and Kate. The PI subplot was great, lots of fun moments from that, and it felt organic enough to not make me roll my eyes.

The Originals (CW)
Elijah. He’s the reason I started watching this show because I didn’t like Klaus. At all. I like him a little more now, but it took a while. I liked NuBekka, didn’t like new Finn, but I like Vincent, and now I kinda miss NuKol, too. Meh. Too many body jumps in this show, but it’s still fun to watch.

A couple more weeks and the majority of the show are done for the season. What’s left that you are looking forward to? Anything get canceled that you love? I feel your pain.

How about new shows, any look good yet?

Jenn’s 2015 TV Recap #2

I need to change the TV recaps up a bit. So I think I’ll give you my favorite characters and a favorite moment from each of the shows on the recap this time. Oh, possible spoilers, so read at your own risk! 🙂

Let’s start with…

Empire (Fox) 
I binge watched 7 episodes of this show over one weekend because the ratings kept going up and up and up and being the pop culture freak I am, I  had to know what the fuss was all about. The fuss is Cookie. I loved Taraji on Persons of Interest and stopped watching the show when she “left”. Her and Jamal are my favorites on this show so far, but the cast is amazing overall. I love the soap opera-ness of it but I like the fact that it’s not too over the top like Revenge but more grounded and gritty.

The music? Fantastic!

My favorite moment was when Jamal went off on his father “…your played out homophobia” and just about every scene they had together with Jamal calling him out. I always love when the underdogs stand up for themselves and Jamal has no problem doing that.

Glee (Fox) 
Yes, it was the end for Gleeks all over the world. While this last season wasn’t the best, it was more a fan letter to us. I didn’t like what they did with Sue, thought it was silly, but I did like what they did with Will and how they folded him back into the core group of Glee Kids. The first couple of seasons of Glee were amazing and it’s something I wish all young kids will watch at some point in their life because the can learn a lot from a show like this.

My favorite moment was when Sue and Roz try to interrogate Becky’s boyfriend and he…well, calls them out. I see a trend here. LOL

Scorpion (CBS)
I couldn’t figure out why I liked this show until I realized it’s like a cop mystery show without the cops and procedure. From the very first episode, I loved the chemistry between all the characters and how real they came across even with all their awkward anti-social issues. I like how the team figures things out together, and I love their chemistry with the youngest and most fun character, Ralph. He’s such a cutie and great actor for his age. He and Happy are my favorite characters at the moment. 🙂

My favorite moment was probably in last week’s episode when Ralph went to save Walter and used his action figure to seal up the whole in the vent shaft. That was awesome. And Katherine McPhee’s reaction when they pulled him out of the shaft was amazingly done. I thought she was really pissed at him! lol

The Walking Dead (AMC) 
Thinking back, this was a very emotional season of TWD. I’m glad the group split up for a while and then came back together, it gave us some awesome scenes and set ups. Carol and Daryl are still my favorite characters. I think, out of all of the characters, they’ve had the most growth and change throughout the series with Glenn being a close third.

My favorite moment this season was a sad one, but powerful. When Daryl carried Beth out of the hospital, I actually felt bad that she died, even though I’d been wishing for her to die for most of the season. Bad Jenn!

The 100 (CW)
Many of you know how much of a CW Fangirl I am, well this show is so good I think it would have made it on any network to be honest. While the “teens” are the main focus of the show, the writers do a great job of bringing the adults and their drama into the fold. The twists and reveals are brilliant, and half the time I don’t see them coming, which is a very good thing. I found myself rooting for Bellamy this season, he’s become a great character, but my heart will always be with Lincoln. He and Octavia are so badass, I love it.

My favorite moment is hard, there were so many good ones. Jaha seeing the flying drone. Finding out the acid fog was man made, Reaper-Lincoln, the look on the Grounders faces when Abby saved Lincoln, Clarke and Lexa kissing! So many. I wish the books were as good. 🙁

Helix (SyFy) 
This is one of the wackiest and weirdest shows on TV right now. I started watching because I love Billy Campbell and he does not disappoint on this show. Most of the cast from last season came back with a few new additions including the ever wonderful Steven Weber. He plays such a great creepy dude, I can’t even begin to describe it. Also, the way they use music on this show is amazing and creepier….

Which leads to my favorite moment when a bunch of kids beat the snot out of Dr. Summers while “Sunshine Day” from the Brady Bunch is playing for the audience. Perfectly creeptastic!

Hindsight (VH1)
VH1’s first scripted series is a winner. I think. Becca, getting ready for her second wedding, starts having second thoughts about the path her life has taken. Somehow, she’s transported back to the 90s days before her FIRST wedding. Now, it’s up to her to do the same thing or change it, so she changes it. But by changing the past, we all know what happens…the butterfly effect! And it hits just about everyone around her. Lolly is a great character and she cracks me up, she’s my first and second favorite character. LOL

Best moment was the cliffhanger ending, which I normally don’t like, but this one was a good one.

Have you watched any shows that ended already? Which were your favorites?