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Body Of Gold
By: Terri Talley Venters
Even in this post-Bernie Madoff era, it’s surprising how easily investors unknowingly hand over their money to con artists, also known as money managers. Chelsea Lynn Cobb earned the title of the youngest hedge-fund manager at Trans World Investments in Chicago. This charming southern beauty proved a financial genius, but her workaholic tendencies hinder her free time to meet men who match her impossibly high standards. 
When she’s not kicking ass at the office, she’s kicking ass at her Taekwondo class where she falls for her new instructor, Troy Camden. With the exciting distraction of a new and passionate relationship, she spends less time at the office until she discovers financial scams operating at Trans World. Someone is stealing millions from investors, but the evidence points towards her.
Excerpt from Body Of Gold
Chapter One
“I am a Hedge Fund Manager. I am a Hedge Fund Manager. I am a Hedge Fund Manager.” Chelsea Lynn Cobb still felt incredulous about her brand new title. She hoped saying the words out loud would make her recent promotion seem real. The twenty-nine year old represented the youngest MBA and woman to ever earn the dubious title at Trans World Investments, TWI for short. She now possessed the business cards and enormous compensation structure to prove it. 
She sat in her new office at TWI, located on the twenty-seventh floor of the Sears Tower, recently renamed the Willis Tower, in downtown Chicago. Even her six-foot tall, slender frame was dwarfed by the enormous leather-upholstered chair. She looked around her new surroundings, a dramatic change from her last seven years working sixty-hour work weeks in a cubicle.
Chelsea’s cerulean-blue eyes admired the tidiness of her new work space. Of course she’d spent most of her entire first day moving in, so it had better look neat. But the first few days of January were traditionally slow and quiet because many employees and investors traveled during the holidays. The short plane ride from Chicago to Denver drew many snow skiers to the powdery slopes of the Rocky Mountains.
Chelsea savored the quietness of the phones not ringing off the hook. Once the stock market closed on the east coast, the office grew quiet and felt less insane. She rose on her three-inch Fendi heels and stood in front of her window to admire her view of the meandering Chicago River below. The setting sun shone through her window and its rays danced on her long golden hair. 
Es Ihnen passt.” Margot entered Chelsea’s office and complimented that it suited her.
Margot resembled the brown-eyed, brunette version of Chelsea. Now peers at TWI, they had become best friends in college. They’d both graduated from the University of Florida with their B.S. in Finance and their MBAs. They shared a German-American heritage and often spoke German to one another to remain fluent. In fact, their practice often drove other people nuts, which only encouraged them to do it more often.
“Vielen Dank,” Chelsea thanked her.
“I’m all settled in too.” Margot referred to her own new office to match her identical promotion.
“I feel like cutting out early. I still need to finish unpacking at home. Plus Klaus and Hans promised to drop off the rest of my boxes.” Chelsea looked at her watch and noted the time. With her hectic work load, leaving at five o’clock sometimes felt like working a half-day. But her hard work had earned her the new coveted title. Her investment instincts and research made millions for TWI and its investors. And her prediction over a year ago to invest in gold for the TWI funds aided her early rise up the totem pole at the firm. 
“I’ll walk down with you.” Margot turned towards the door.
The pair left the office and waited at the bank of elevators in the TWI lobby. This represented the longest part of Chelsea’s commute home to her new condo, only two blocks away.
“I love living in the same building as you. It’s so convenient to the office and the Tae Kwon Do Academy. I rarely even need to ride the L train anymore.” Chelsea referred to her recent move from the German area of Old Town. With the real estate market bottoming out, hopefully, Chelsea had recently capitalized on the depressed housing market and purchased her new condo. 
“Speaking of trains, I’m taking one to Michigan Avenue. Can I coerce you into a little shopping on the Magnificent Mile?” Margot’s pleading eyes turned to Chelsea as the two rode the elevator down the twenty-seven floors and exited the skyscraper lobby onto the sidewalk.
“No, thanks. Unlike you, I’d rather eat than shop. Besides, I have Black Belt class tonight.”
“You just love saying that, don’t you?” Margot teased as she waved goodbye. They parted ways on the cold and windy streets of Chicago.
Auf Wiedersehen.” Chelsea called to her best friend.
Chelsea walked briskly down Wacker Drive. She didn’t mind the cold wind blowing off the Chicago River, since the walk home was so short. After seven years of living and working in Chicago, her blood had finally thickened to accommodate the brutal winters. Although she missed the moderate winters of her home town of Charleston, South Carolina, she felt grateful to escape the heat and humidity of the long summer months in the south.
Chelsea arrived at her new condo and was greeted by two handsome German men and another stack of boxes. “Gross Gott, Fraulein,” Klaus and Hans greeted her in unison. The men both shared identical ice-blue eyes and golden-blond hair.
She opened her condo door as she watched them bring in the last of her boxes. Her long time German friend, Klaus, and his handsome son, Hans, had helped Chelsea move over the holidays, and she was grateful. “Veilen Dank.
Bitte,” Hans replied.
Margot and Chelsea had met Hans and his father, Klaus, when they first moved to Chicago seven years ago. Margot and Chelsea met the gregarious, charming, and handsome father-son pair at the German-American Club. They volunteered at the German Day festival and helped coordinate the annual Von Steuben parade each September.
Margot and Chelsea often flirted with both father and son. They jested about who was more handsome – the 45 year old widower smelter, or his 25 year old apprentice son. They often teased about which one they wanted to marry one day. But over the years, they grew to love Klaus and Hans as family, like a surrogate father and brother.
“Das ist alles.” Klaus carried in the last box into Chelsea’s condo, set it down with the others, and then coughed uncontrollably.
“Are you ok, Father?” Hans asked.
“Yes, I’m fine. I must get back to work. I’m finishing my largest smelting job ever.”  Klaus held up his hand to stop Hans from fussing over him.
“I wish you’d let me help, you stubborn old Kraut,” Hans scolded.
“It is too dangerous, son. I’m melting gold bars into Chip Gold,” Klaus explained.
“Some top secret job for the mafia.” Hans winked at Chelsea.
“I’m afraid of the dangers to you, son. Inhaling the fumes could be lethal.” Klaus objected with a glare.
“Then why did you take the job, Klaus?” Chelsea asked, concerned for her dear friend and father figure.
“Wow,” Chelsea said, taken aback. “I never knew smelting could be so lucrative.”
Klaus shrugged his shoulders. “Only once in a blue moon.”
“Thank you so much for helping me move, gentlemen. Would you like a beer?” Chelsea asked, smiling.
Nein. We must go.”
“I will bring you homemade apple strudel soon.” Chelsea saw the men out, and then
 gazed at her new two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo with a sense of pride. She’d diligently saved and wisely invested her bonuses to make an enormous down-payment on her first place, and all without the aid of a man. 
With the men gone, Stormy, her tabby cat, greeted her with a loud purr and a presumably hungry belly. “Hi, Honey, I’m home,” she joked.
As Chelsea rapidly approached her thirtieth birthday, looming two weeks away, she possessed mixed feelings about her single status. She’d always dreamt of marriage with children, but Mr. Right had failed to enter her life, so far. Margot blamed Chelsea’s impossibly high standards for a mate. Perhaps Margot had a good point.
In the rare instances when Chelsea met an attractive man who appeared perfect on paper, he ultimately disappointed her. The few men she had agreed to date in her rare free time either lied, cheated, behaved like egotistical jerks, or all of the above.
Chelsea turned on her television, already set to her favorite channel, CNBC. As she watched the stock-market ticker scroll across the bottom of the screen, she felt soothed. The price of gold continued to rise over $1200 per ounce, and the leading stock-market indexes boasted double-digit returns for 2009.
She treated Stormy to a can of Fancy Feast before she fed herself, preparing her light dinner of turkey on whole wheat in her shiny new kitchen. She nibbled on a banana for the potassium and chased her dinner down with an enormous glass of ice water. She needed to fuel and hydrate herself before Tae Kwon Do class.
Chelsea walked into her bedroom closet and carefully removed her black suit. She placed her pumps and handbag in their proper places and went to the bathroom to freshen up, and then put on her black ninja uniform with pride and pulled her hair back into a practical ponytail.
After retrieving her new First Degree Black Belt from her dresser, she placed it in her gear bag along with a bottle of cold water. She decided there was still enough time to unpack the few remaining boxes. As she removed the final item from the last box, she promised herself she would maintain the current immaculate look of her apartment.
Chelsea covered her soon-to-be cold body with her black wool coat, hat, and scarf. She grabbed her gear bag and headed out the door for her first class of the new year. Before the holidays, Mrs. Grubka, the owner and Chief Instructor of the Chicago ATA Martial Arts Academy, had announced that a new Tae Kwon Do instructor would begin teaching at the first of the year. As Chelsea walked to the Karate school, she wondered what her new teacher looked like.
Terri Talley Venters,
Author of Carbon Copy, Tin Roof, Silver Lining, Copper Cauldron, and Body Of Gold
Terri received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Master’s degree in Taxation from the University of Florida. She is a licensed CPA and a Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. She lives on the water in Florida, with her husband, Garrison, and their two sons.
Terri is the daughter of Leslie S. Talley, author of Make Old Bones and Bred In The Bone which are also available from Wild Child Publishing.
Please visit Terri’s website for purchase links and to read more about all of her books and free short stories. www.ElementsOfMystery.com
Purchase Terri’s Books: www.freyasbower.com

Special Guest Elodie Parkes!

Today’s Special Guest is Author Elodie Parkes! Stop by and say Hi!

Thank you for inviting me to
the blog today with my new release romance book.
The Flower Box
February 7 release by Hot Ink Press.
Alice longs for love. Oliver
wants to give her flowers and candy until he thinks she has another lover. Will
his jealousy drive him away from Alice or straight into her arms?
the book: http://a-fwd.com/asin-com=B00IA7OUWO
Teaser from The Flower Box 18+
years. How can that have happened? You’re smoking hot. I can’t understand why
you don’t have a man right now waiting anxiously for you to come home.”
Oliver’s tone was sincere and Alice felt sad. She couldn’t understand it
either. She looked at him aware tears welled in her eyes, even more
“There’s no
kissed her again. This time he held her face. His lips were gentle on hers, and
full of tenderness. When he stopped kissing her, he leaned back and smiled.
“That has
to change.”
It made
Alice smile and the tears receded. Their coffee arrived. Oliver asked her again
about her work and she told him. He made a sound of admiration when he
discovered the shop was hers and a sound of sympathy when he heard how long she
worked each day. They sipped at their coffee and gazed into each other’s eyes.
When Oliver took her hand and began to stroke her wrist as they talked, she
went weak. Her breasts heavy with desire, she felt her nipples grazed by the
lace of her bra. Her pussy throbbed. He surrounded her with his masculinity,
the air charged with sexual longing. She looked into his eyes and took the
come home with me.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014

About the author:

is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a
twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool
stories and hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two
dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak
of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
She has also released titles as an
individual indie author.

Special Guests – Mother/Daughter Blog Tour with Terri & Leslie!

authors, From daughter’s point of view

Where do I start? 18 years ago, my mother and I only dreamed of writing a
novel, let alone getting it published. Our dreams of becoming mother/daughter
published authors was just something we fantasized about. Now we’ve both
published not only our debut novels, but their sequels as well.
back over the last 18 years, I realize how much hard work went into our first
books: Make Old Bones for my mother
and Carbon Copy for me. The hardest
part for me was starting. I thought about it for 8 years before I finally
started writing. The next hardest part for me was finishing. I spent 5 years
writing Carbon Copy. My mother was the reason I started and finished it. I
always tried to have a chapter for her to read whenever we planned a visit.
Then the next hardest part about the writing process was the waiting. Although
I was blessed to find a publisher within six months of finishing Carbon Copy, it was another 2 and half
years in editing before it was finally released in June 2012.
that we both have the same awesome publisher, Wild Child Publishing, the
writing and editing are much easier for the both of us. I’ve recently finished
writing my fifth book, Silver Lining,
the epic conclusion to the Carbon Copy
trilogy, while my mother is almost finished writing the fourth book in her bone
series – The Bonnie, Bonnie Bone. My
mother and I are case in point that hard work, patience, and determination, can
make your dreams come true. We couldn’t have done it without each other’s
constant encouragement all of these years.
now that we’ve had our dream of being mother/ daughter published authors come
true, what’s our next dream? I still dream big. I’m looking forward to having
both of our books out in print so that we can do book signings together. And
although I loathe public speaking, I can’t wait to do a mother/daughter
presentation at a writer’s conference. Thank goodness my mother is an award
winning Toastmaster. I’ll just smile, nod, and show cleavage. We’re
brainstorming a co-authored book which is a prequel to Carbon Copy and Make Old Bones.
The characters in our books are related. My heroine, Lilly, is the niece of my
mother’s heroine, Clarice. The title will contain both a “bone” and an “element”.

biggest dream of all is to have one of my books get made into a movie. My
mother and I promised to be each other’s “plus one” if either of our book
movies get nominated for an academy award for best adapted screenplay. And yes,
I’ve mentally started writing my acceptance speech. Who knows what the future
holds for our books, but the best part of all is that I’m enjoying this
wonderful journey with my mother. I love you, Mom! 
Terri Talley Venters,
Author of Carbon
Copy, Tin Roof, Body Of Gold, Copper Cauldron, and Silver Lining
Terri received
her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Master’s degree in Taxation from the
University of Florida. She is a licensed CPA and a Second Degree Black Belt in
Taekwondo. She lives in St. Augustine, Florida, with her husband, Garrison, and
their two sons.
Terri has two
other published works available from Wild Child Publishing. Carbon Copy and its sequel, Tin Roof, plus her unrelated novella, Copper Cauldron. She recently finished
writing Silver Lining, the epic
conclusion to the Carbon Copy
trilogy, coming soon from Wild Child Publishing. Her romantic/suspense novel, Body Of Gold, is coming soon from
Freya’s Bower. Terri also posts free short stories on her website each month. www.ElementsOfMystery.com. Follow her as she weaves her way
through the Periodic Table of Elements.
Terri is the
daughter of Leslie S. Talley, author of Make
Old Bones and Bred In The Bone
which are also available from Wild Child
For the purchase links and more info
about Terri’s books, visit her website.
daughter Terri’s interest in writing was sparked by a writers’ conference we
attended in Melbourne, Florida, when she was in high school. Years elapsed
during which time she mulled over an idea for a series which became Elements of

I had published travel pieces and a few short stories, but the publication of
my mystery novel, Make Old Bones, eluded
me. It had won first place in the mystery/suspense category at the Space Coast
Writer’s Guild in 2000. Finally in 2008 Terri and I attended a conference
sponsored by the North Florida Writers’ Association at Ponte Vedra Beach,
Florida. Make Old Bones once again
won first place in the Lighthouse Book Awards for mystery/suspense. Terri was
so proud, she cried! That spurred me on; that spurred her on. She finished
writing her mystery novel, Carbon Copy.
She hoped to ride in on my coattails. The opposite happened.
submitted to Wild Child Publishing, an electronic publisher; I had never
thought of doing that. When her book was accepted, I submitted also and was
accepted. Since then we have critiqued each other’s work. She is my biggest
fan! We feed off each other. My main characters, Otis and Clarice Campion, became
her main character, Lilly Allen’s, Uncle Otis and Aunt Clarice. When we are
together and we hear an interesting turn of phrase, we both screech, “I call
way I may have unconsciously influenced her is by setting, or a sense of place.
According to my professor, Dr. Richard Adicks from Literature of the South at
the University of Central Florida, there are six prominent features in Southern
writing: a sense of history or of the past; a sense of religion or original
sin; a sense of the grotesque; a sense of place; a sense of family or
genealogy; and agrarian, or rural.
write from a sense of place. Set your novel in a unique setting, and all manner
of ideas pop up. Terri imbibed this from somewhere. Her first novel is set in
New York and the Florida Keys, the sequel in Charleston. Her upcoming takes
place in Scotland. My first takes place in Daytona Beach, the second in St.
Augustine, the third in Ireland, and my work-in-progress in Scotland. We both
have hurricanes and castles figuring prominently.
though we are much alike we have differences. My degrees are in English with
some nursing thrown in. Hers are in Accounting and Taxation. She comes up with
better plots. And while my mysteries are Cozies, hers are more modern.
the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, to be trite! Great minds, and all
of Make Old Bones and Bred In The Bone

Leslie Talley received her B.S. in Nursing from the
University of Kentucky and a B.A. and M.A. in English from the University of
Central Florida, Orlando, where she subsequently taught, as an adjunct,
Technical Writing and Business Writing for ten years.
Leslie and her husband Luke have two children: Terri
Talley Venters, Wild Child author of Carbon
, Tin Roof, and Copper Cauldron; and Damon Talley,
video conference lead at Harris Corporation. Leslie and Luke have lived in
Titusville, Florida, for forty-five years.
Old Bones
and Bred In
The Bone
are both available from Wild Child Publishing, amazon.com, and
barnesandnoble.com. Purchase links can be found on her website. http://www.makeoldbones.com/