Jenn’s 2015 TV Recap #3

Should have one more recap after this one! Yes, I watch a lot of damn TV, didn’t you know? LOL

Same style as last time: my favorite characters and a favorite moment from each…plus or minus one or two. 🙂

Let’s start with….

Vikings (History)
Oh man. This show! I love Ragnar. I loved Floki. Until he killed my other fave Athelston. Man, that pissed me off. But, I have to say, they got me. They really got me. I thought Ragnar was really dead and Bjorn was going to be the focus of next season, which he still may be. That moment when the lid flew off the casket? Perfection. Great finale to another crazy ass season. 

Gotham (Fox)
This one is still fresh in my my as far as finale’s go and…it was pretty crappy. I hope they can fix the problems with this show for season two, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to. Me, personally, I love Alfred and Bruce, a good chunk of fans hate them both. Loved the Nygma’s course within the show until this last episode where they have him hearing voices. Meh. I’m glad Fish is gone, she was great in the beginning. I have no clue WTF is up with Barbara, but she can go, too. My favorite moment was the Riddler’s first kill, it was shot so brilliantly. I’m looking forward to more of him next season.

Daredevil (Netflix)
This show is dark. I’m not only talking about emotionally dark, but actually, dark dark. Most of it is set at night, but even when it’s not all the sets are darker than normal. It got a little annoying, but I did binge watch it in three days so that’s my problem, not theirs. LOL Another fantastic cast of people on this show, not one person felt out of place, everyone fit perfectly. While I love Matt, of course, I have to say Rosario Dawson was a great addition and was perfect for grounding the show in reality and providing a little comic relief. I hope she comes back in Season 2. *Edit* SHE IS!!! YAY

Criminal Minds (CBS)
I don’t have an issue with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I didn’t like the way they brought her in, but that last episode where they sent her off was pretty damn good. However, I’m finding myself less interested in this show the more I watch it. I don’t want that to happen. I love Morgan & Garcia, I think they need their own spin off.

Forever (ABC)
Well, really love this show……STOP. *Edit* It just got canceled. MOTHERFLOWER! Nevermind….

Big Bang Theory (CBS)
The first half of the season was just okay for me, then it got really good again. I think Bernadette is my favorite from this year. Howard’s mother dying was sad, but it made for the best episodes of the season. I would have liked a little more build up to Sheldon’s big decision because we all know he wouldn’t go into it lightly and it’s highly unlikely he wouldn’t tell anyone else. Hmm.

Revenge (ABC)
Nolan needs a spin-off. It ended exactly how I figured it would. Meh. They never should have brought David back to life, but I guess it’s better he took care of Victoria than Amanda.

Castle (ABC)
Castle is still my favorite character. I love him with Alexis, I think they are a great pair on screen. I would like to see more of her interacting with him and Kate. The PI subplot was great, lots of fun moments from that, and it felt organic enough to not make me roll my eyes.

The Originals (CW)
Elijah. He’s the reason I started watching this show because I didn’t like Klaus. At all. I like him a little more now, but it took a while. I liked NuBekka, didn’t like new Finn, but I like Vincent, and now I kinda miss NuKol, too. Meh. Too many body jumps in this show, but it’s still fun to watch.

A couple more weeks and the majority of the show are done for the season. What’s left that you are looking forward to? Anything get canceled that you love? I feel your pain.

How about new shows, any look good yet?

Jenn’s 2014 Fall TV Recap #2

I have enough shows to do another recap!

I’ll probably have one more after this…I know how you love them. 🙂

Possible spoilers!


I love this show so much. I mean, I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! I’ve watched season 1 three times, season 2 twice and most of the eps from season 3 twice as well. I’m watching the mid-season finale again tonight. I love the action, the fight scenes, the feels and the sads. Mostly I love the relationships, they all feel real. Ollie, Diggle, and Felicity have the perfect chemistry and every single scene two or all three of them are in are amazing. The bad guys have great back stories as well and their reasons for being evil or evil-ish are usually very convincing and not usually for stupid nonsensical reasons. (*Cough* OUAT) This will probably go down as my favorite Superhero-ComicBook series ever.

The Flash

This show is a close second to Arrow. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Smallville, but this show is much more fun (for now) and the special effects are great in comparison to what they had to work with back in the Smallville days. Again, the relationships on this show are amazing. Every serious scene between Barry and Joe usually makes me tear up, I really believe them. I think they probably get along very well in real life. It’s hard to fake such great chemistry. I’m super excited to get into the whole Time Travelness of Flash’s world, because it’s a big part, and I’m sure we’ll have a really good explanation for the mid-season finale.

Agents of SHIELD

I didn’t hate the first season like some people did. I thought it was fun and different. This season, so far, has been astounding. So many reveals and action scenes and tender moments and feels! Don’t you love Bad-Ass Skye? She and May need to have a huge fight with someone in the next half of the season. I still love Coulson’s one liners. His delivery always cracks me up. I’m not too happy with what they did to Trip in the finale, so I hope they find a way to bring him back. I’m also looking forward to the Agent 33-Ward situation, that’s gonna be fun to watch.


One of the few cop procedurals I still watch. I can’t help myself, Castle is a great character. As a writer, that’s what I tend to focus on the most. Him being a writer is just icing, ya know. I love when the show is silly or has a wacky premise or potential conspiracy theory type plot or mystery. They do them so well. The serious ones are fine, too, and I’m so happy that Beckett and Castle’s relationship is still the same for the most part. Despite being a hopeless romantic, sometimes when TV couples get together the fizz just fizzles out. 🙂

The Originals

I freely admit the only reason I started watching this show is because of Elijah and Hayley. Their chemistry on The Vampire Diaries was unbelievably hot. I don’t know why they had to mess with it so much. I’m kinda not invested in them anymore. However, thanks to some clever plotting and mama drama, I’m enjoying Klaus again. He’s a dick, and he’s always had a great reason to be a dick, but now I want him to be a dick. I like evil Klaus way more than when anyone tries to redeem him. I like the original Kol more, too, but the kid playing him now is cute, and I like him with Davina, so we’ll see what happens.

The Vampire Diaries

I’m not sure why I’m watching this show still, probably because Alaric is back, I love him. The show has SO many inconsistencies even I’ve noticed them, but Damon is fun to watch when he’s bad and I think Caroline and Stefan would have been good together, but like The Originals, it’s a little too late now, I won’t buy it. I think it’s time for Elena to make her final choice between the brothers and put this show to bed. I’d LOVE to see a few of the characters move over to The Originals because they’re good characters for the most part, it’s just the whole love triangle thing is over and done, cooked and burnt.

Criminal Minds

Another procedural I watch, but, I have to admit, I’ve been fast forwarding through parts here and there, because, for the most part, it’s always the same story. I think it’s time for someone in the group to be in jeopardy again, or the team as a whole needs another Reaper or something. I like that they are giving the characters more personal life stuff to draw off because it wasn’t something they did often in the first few seasons. I’m not really sure what else they can do, not that they have to, it’s still a highly rated TV show, I’m just not as excited as I used to be to watch. I’ll never stop, though. Duh.

So I think I have another handful of shows left for this fall season. What did you think of the season so far? Are you watching any Winter shows like Agent Carter?!? I’m already watching The Taste. 🙂