MIND: Blog Tour Give-a-Way Sept 2 through Sept 20

Join me for a blog
hop Virtual Tour around the internet from the comfort of your home! The Blog
Tour will feature interviews and blog posts from me about my new Sci-Fi
Romance release, MIND: The Beginning coming September 2, 2013 from Crescent Moon Press

About MIND: The Beginning – After Dina Ranger loses telepathic contact with her
brother, she breaks into his apartment and stumbles onto a special government
unit responsible for monitoring the psychic population. She’s offered a job
where she can use her psionic gifts to help people.

Stranded on earth over a
hundred years ago, Liam of Shria is searching for a metal needed to repair his
ship when he finds Dina, a telepathic investigator, and narrowly saves her from
an exploding alien pod. Together, they uncover a plot to rebuild an ancient
weapon and discover the truth behind Dina’s abilities while unlocking dangerous
secrets about the alien presence on earth.
One commentor from EACH blog will
win an ebook copy of my Romantic Suspense E-Book Lucky’s Charm, ONE GRAND
will also receive an E-Book Copy of Lucky’s Charm and a $15 Gift
Card to any online book retailer of their choice!
Virtual Blog Tour Dates &
September 3:  lesliestalley.blogspot.com
September 7:  maerwilson.com
September 9:  cindyyoungturner.com/blog
September 11:  www.shawnaromkey.com
September 12:  cmmichaels.blogspot.com
September 13:  www.erindanzer.com/blog
September 18:  nancysbrandt.com
September 19:  www.hunterthehorrible.com

September 20: jennafern.blogspot.com

Hope to see you all there and GOOD LUCK!!