Irene Peterson Talks About Vampires…

I’ve about had it with vampires.
I’ve been reading about them and their supposed charms for a long
time.  Everybody got the idea that
vampires were wonderful when Anne Rice published her famous interview with them
book and after the movie with the ever gorgeous Brad Pitt, vampire novels
became all the rage.
But not for me.  Call me
queasy.  The vampire book series by
another author, one of the first to jump on the bandwagon, made me sick.  This author’s idea of the vampires making
love was to have them slit open a bit of chest and allow the lover to feed on
the blood when they were doing it. 
UGH!  If that floats your boat,
well, fine, but ICK!  Think about
it.  You get to feel a cold dead guy’s
hand on your nice plump warm body and then you have to cut yourself and suck
blood? Dead guy’s blood?  And this is
So, after years and years of reading vampire related stories,
someone asked me to guest on her paranormal blog. I called it something along
the lines of How to Kill a Vampire and in it I outlined all the various ways
throughout time that have worked to dispose of the walking dead.  I did plenty of research because, unlike the
mythos that has been changed thanks to television and the cinema, I wanted my
mythos to be the truth, the actual way of killing off deaders and keeping them
The stakes have to be made of a certain wood, though in the long
run, any wooden stake will do as long as it reaches its mark.  The head must then be severed.  Dead vampires do not sparkle, but they can
reunite with their severed heads if the heads are left near the neck or the
heads are not buried between the vamp’s legs. 
Better yet, bury the vampire’s body under a waterfall, body facing down,
not up, so if they should reanimate, they will dig down into the earth instead
of up into freedom.
There are also so many things a vampire cannot do: can’t cross
running water, can’t stand garlic, can’t walk on sanctified ground, cannot
venture through a ring of salt, and most important of all, they absolutely
cannot tolerate sunshine.  They will burn
to a crisp if exposed to sunlight and no blanket or sunscreen can prevent that.
all this knowledge building up in my brain, it seemed inevitable that I write a
vampire story.  Only I decided to make
this a true vampire story in which the undead stinks of rotting flesh, it cares
nothing for humans other than a source of food and it lies.  I came up with a man whose job it was to
dispose of vampires, came up with a Latin name for him and had him work for an
Dead Dreams features Jim Ryan, a man whose own parents died because of
vampires, raised at first to become a priest, but whose innate anger causes him
to be chosen to do away with vampires. 
His job title is Lignarius
which is Latin for “one who works with wood” and “one who fixes things”.  His little quirk is that, in order to do his
sacred job, he feels that he has to remain pure of heart and body and mind, so,
at his age, he is still a virgin.
course, I needed to make his life more difficult when he runs into the vamp he
has just decapitated.  
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  1. I thought I was done with vampires and certainly through with the undead as sexy types, but then I started reading Charlaine Harris.
    Your book will help get me back to the proper attitude.

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