2014 Fall TV Recap Part 1

It’s that time again friends! I know, you wait for theses all year long. Tehehe.

Most of the shows I watch sign off in the next two weeks, but we had a few early finales, so we’ll talk about those.

FYI – Possible SPOILERS!

Blacklist –

I’m not as into it as much as I was the first season and I think Liz & Ressler have a lot to do with it. I get that you need conflict, but it’s really annoying when every single show that has some type of law enforcement officer in it has to deal with prescription drug or alcohol addiction. It’s a little played out for me. Liz is annoying. Red is the the only reason I watch the show right now, he kills it every single week…and sometimes someone.

How To Get Away With Murder – 

Wow. Just wow! While I took a guess that it was Wes who killed Sam to save Rebecca from him, I didn’t expect all the other stuff before and after it. Wow. There are so many avenues each of the characters can go in the next half of the season, so I’m very excited to see how they play out. One of my favorite freshman shows ever. I just hope they can keep it up.

Scandal – 

I feel really bad for whoever has Olivia. Fitz is gonna sic Jake who will probably recruit Huck and  man…I don’t want to be whoever that dude/dudette is. The VP probably won’t make it to the end of the season alive either for his part. Many of the side plots and “fixee of the week” plots are much more interesting to me than who Olivia should be with, but I’m very happy she finally came to terms with the fact that she loves them both, for different reasons, and really doesn’t want to chose. However, whenever she and Fitz are together, man, they have some scorching chemistry. Also, as creepy as it has been, Quinn and Charlie make much more sense than Quinn and Huck.

The Walking Dead – 

I was never a big Beth fan. I kinda wanted her to die, a lot, over the last few seasons. So after some douche ruined it for me that she was going to die, I went into the episode with a different outlook. When Michonne told Maggie they’d found Beth and she was ok…I was really pissed and sad that I got spoiled. Grrr. I’ll never know what my reaction would have been or whether I would have been sadder at the sudden loss. Going in and knowing only made me super sad for Maggie which made the end even harder for me having lost a sibling myself. I think the shock factor would have suited me better. Meh. However this season has been great. I love the focus on our group again with all the outside plots and characters staying minimal. I still do not like the episodes where they focus on one separate group, I like all the groups mixed into the episodes.

Sleepy Hollow – 

There is so much Katrina hate out there, I really don’t get it. Sure, she has to be rescued a lot. But A. Not her fault-blame the writers. B. It’s not like she’s from present time and completely understands our world yet. C. It really is okay to be a damsel in distress when, you know, a fucking headless undead ax wielding demon is in love with you. and D. Your witch/dammed son is working for another demon who is hell bent on starting the apocalypse. I think people just want to get rid of her because they want Ichabod and Abbie to get together, which I really, really, really don’t want to see happen. I like them just the way they are. That being said, I’ve enjoyed this season, I like the longer arch stories as opposed to the creature of the week, which they still do, and I like that they are expanding the cast a little. I would have liked to see more of the Reenactment Tailor girl, (forgot her name) I thought she was adorable and loved her interactions with Ichabod. It’s cooky but I love it.

More to come next week!

Jenn’s TV Recap Part 1

I’m back with another TV Recap. It usually takes me days to get these posted because there are so many great shows on right now, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. There are a handful of shows that have said their goodbyes for the season or forever, so we’ll start with them.

I’ll use the format similar to the past in an attempt to keep your attention.

Helix (SyFy)

Why I started watching: Billy Campbell, I’ve always liked him. SyFy gets extra points for including Jerri Ryan and Kiroyuki Sandan – probably best know Dogen on LOST or original (better) Takeda on Revenge.

What did I think of this season? Pretty damn good. Although I seem to have lost my interest in crime procedurals, I still love a good mystery. This one had me glued to my seat.

Will I watch next season? Yes. The initial set up and plot of this season wrapped up rather nicely before sending us off into another plotline. Well done SyFy, much better than the 5 mins of Sharknado I forced myself to watch.

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Why I started watching: Zombies on TV, how could I not?

What did I think of this season? This season had a few great episodes and for me, it was much better than the last season. The first half was overshadowed by the second half because so much happened after the group was separated. Carol’s alive! Where’s Glenn? Tremius! Look at the flowers, Lizzy! So much heartbreak.

Will I watch next season? Yes, and every season until it’s over.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Why I started watching: Not sure I remember, but I think my bestie and I were looking for something new to watch and it was on Netflix. Yeah, that sounds right…

What did I think of this season? It started off pretty good. Got lame. Then it was really good for the last six or so episodes. Then the finale. WTF. Worst ending to any show I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot.

Will I watch next season? I don’t have to. Thankfully. I wouldn’t have anyway, that’s how pissed I got. LOL

Lost Girl (SyFy)

Why I started watching: It was a show about a succubus who didn’t know she was a succubus. How cool is that?

What did I think of this season? It was okay. For some reason, TV writers still think that sexual tension between two people is the only thing that will keep people watching. They are wrong! While I admit love triangles and rectangles and even octagons can be interesting, I’d be more interested to see a couple building their relationship after they get together instead of just breaking people up and throwing stupid obstacles in the way. I’m still pissed about Hale. SO WRONG!

Will I watch next season? Probably, but I’m on #TeamKenzi now.

Scandal (ABC)

Why I started watching? Honestly, nothing else was on that day and I think Kerry Washington is super pretty!

What did I think of this season? OHMYGODWHATTHEHUCK! Yeah, that’s pretty much every other episode this season. While I do miss the Fixer-Subplots of OPA helping out people with their problems, this season was full of so much Shock and Awe that even I didn’t see most of it coming (and I usually do). Well done Shonda, you are on my list of SuperWriterHeroes.

Will I watch next season? Hell yeah.

Shows I didn’t watch all season but checked out:

Intelligence: It was basically a higher tech Chuck just with Sawyer. Meh.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderlands: Tom from the UK (better) Being Human and Sayid from LOST could not save this show. Yuck.

Brooklyn 99: Yes, a comedy! I know, crazy right? I did watch a few episodes and it was hilarious. I may check it out over the summer.

So that’s about it for part 1. I didn’t watch Vikings last night, so you know what I’ll be doing later. 🙂

What are your favorite new shows this year? What did you freak out over so far? Do you think I watch too much TV? 🙂